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Thursday, 29 September 2011

.:: 1 Malaysia New Breath National Unity ::.

Concept “1 Malaysia”, have been introduced by Dato' Sri Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak after he legally appointed as Malaysian Prime Minister on 3rd of April that past.

Various perception arise from this concept introduction that reputedly equal concept “Malaysian Malaysia” that are introduced by DAP political party in 1960 an year. However this case simply refers to political ideology that championed by individual that sheltered local under influence of the political party.

Something be should become debate and brainstorm forum was method and implementation that can be used to interpret ideology his leadership and how much the implementation influence community's acceptance on this new concept. As such, concept definition that should include various points of view need to be explained to enable this concept acceptance among various of the society in Malaysia.

From my observation, Malaysia that with a background racial diversity in constitutional a patronage power of the king really emphasize solidarity spirit and patriotism that is high in every the society self. This case need to be looked after and always been given attention to safeguard peace and national security. As such, this 1 Malaysia concept sociologically meanexistence one race that is large that called “Bangsa Malaysia” and replaceracial policy that only avoid between are races relationship in this country.

Nations in this country should form one acceptance culture various custom application, culture and rule that practiced a race to increase understanding and succeed this idea. Attitude respect and friendly very important between the races to disclose Bangsa Malaysia identity. As such in my opinion, value inculcation noble could be implemented at early stage more especially in constructing neighbouring life in residential areas so that 1 Malaysia idea can be absorbed among society.

In political aspect on the other hand, this idea have to be sincere and include various country political ideology. Opposition party or government side not only necessary together in succeed this idea in fact had to leave aside ideology and their political interest. This case because need and public interest become national priority that should be advanced before political interest taking place. Political parties that is influential hoped need to have characteristic glocal for find effort towards development of human capital that is accurate and steady and can compete with world modernization current. Black incident 13th of May 1969 should become guide in every leader dictionary of life or public in this country so that move care Bangsa Malaysia can be strengthened.

For aspect economy on the other hand. I find out policy “Pecah Dan Perintah” that are introduced by western colonizer before Malaya (Malaysia) achieve independence deleted .However already 52 years, Malaysia achieved independence , however as a result of this policy still stand out. As such, through this 1 Malaysia idea, sector economy more focussed to community's economy mastery equality.

For traditional culture, more Malay community focussed to areas of agriculture and fishery,Chinese community monopolize areas of business and mining and Indian community just focus on niche plantation and estate, now various capable people involve self in those fields they afford develop.

In this matter, I hope help and from state support able to give chance and spiritual boost to individuals which endeavours to plunge self in those fields potential to be developed. Its impact, national economy afford strengthened by his own public which form 1 Malaysia idea.

Meanwhile, education aspect doubled up idea introduction main focus 1 Malaysia. Education institutions in this country that based on curriculum that was prescribed Dasar Pendidikan Negara need to introduce and mould 1 Malaysia's values in self and student mentality to understand interest and this idea righteousness introduced. By the definition, 1 Malaysia concept in education include system formation education that is idea l and suitable for generally entire community.

Education policy elimination that only important to race and deny rights certain group were 1 Malaysia objective in education. Big rivalry between students today in acquire educational opportunity that is higher demanding government and Badan Bukan Government (NGO) act wiseand fair so that opportunity that created not
suppress any party or particular race.

Apart from that, formation one types of schools only that use one language medium that is official namely able Malay language produce Malaysian race that is steady from the between the races relationship aspect. Since,very actions such helps in produce leader group that is having thought creative and far-sighted for their country's future that dear. This do not mean global language forgotten but saying there is say “ Bahasa Menunjukkan Bangsa”.

Apart from that, religious aspects and trustly every race in Malaysia also taken into account in effort succeed 1 Malaysia idea. This case because, religion and belief were biggest power in produces results which involves consideration which is done by other aspects. Hence, 1 Malaysia in religion matter and belief refering to society open attitude in accepting and respect principle and religious practices a race.

Islamic Religion, Buddha, Hindu and Christian is religion which became most adherence the society. Hence, religious sensitivity and racial have to be
looked after and cannot be fooled to arouse anger and which in turn tension deny this idea success. Open house concept introduction and visit that increasingly used during festive seasons by local community is one method to learn something custom and understand sensitivity something further race cultivate attitude mutual respect between one another. Move this good will able clarify more spiritually him 1 Malaysia concept.

In short view on 1 Malaysia were as follows:

1. I see Isu 1Malaysia or Satu Malaysia not a new subject or new idea.Since independence we requested unite develop this country. At that time Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh slogan often resound in microphone and then Televisyen.

2. Basis to create Malaysia which combine this is a few compromise between the races included to in Constitution including citizenship grant, status of the Islamic religion, Malay Language, Malay king and Bumiputra race. The purpose so that all ethnic at that time satisfied.

3. This 1Malaysia concept also closely linked with New Economic Policy. When occur splitting and racial conflict, so NEP introduced in 1970 with focus:

a. reduce and finally eradicating poverty by increase revenue and increase employment opportunities for all Malaysians regardless of race; and

b. accelerate process restructuring of the Malaysian society to correct imbalance economy so that can reducing and consequently abolishing race identification according to economic function.

4. If we see DEB's goal was stand out a mile made towards creating1Malaysia that standard of living position, education and specific economic sector no longer dominated by particular race only.

5. Then when suggested Vision 2020 by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,1Malaysia concept also staying in the philosophy among them was became Malaysian nation unite that have goals that being shared with: Malaysia must become a country that is peaceful, integrated inprovincial stage and race, live in harmony, cooperate fully impartially, and consisting of a Malaysian race that have political loyalty and dedication on countries.

6. Stand out a mile idea and this 1Malaysia philosophy were continuously a commitment Barisan Nasional since independence to form national unity.

7. 1Malaysia only modification, improvement and concept of unity rebranding and together build with time.

8. This very different Malaysian Malaysia concept that speak meritocracy matter and regardless of equality race does not give any initiative help race that is backward. Malaysian Malaysia also clear discordant with Constitution spirit 1957 that agree by all.

9. 1Malaysia speak unity question and regardless of people's integration race. Which weaker sex and left out will continue to be assisted, while race that is advance will continue to be given space to be independent and seeking success.

10. Apart from that, 1Malaysia have to give attention to increase quality and individual achievement that is potential regardless of race want also religion. Individual achievement also should give recognition that is comparable without having favouritism attitude want also racial prejudice.

11. In improper 1Malaysia more there is individual that the achievement similar-but receive reward want also recognition that is different until trigger ostensibly only certain races preferred in the country.

 12. 1Malaysia also should concept unity in diversity – compromising attitude and mutual understanding lack and between the races advantage,geographical location and belief adherence.

In conclusion, 1 Malaysia idea not only a hope for future generation on the other hand move towards the formation necessary start from now. Country leader's call, need to be responded all parties in effort succeed. Ideology partnership in succeed necessary behave steady and the implementation necessary in an integrated manner to realise his hope on countries. Its impact does not just concern generally Negara, even include various levelof society in this country. As such, 1 Malaysia spirit need to be supported all parties to spur country to higher level and complete country in made modernization current, development, competition and world globalization. Hoped this idea are going to reach objective and direction such as that was prescribed.

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