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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


     Out of campus study was either method of learning that increasingly popular. Country with progresses now, public have to open up mind and knowledge same time wider so that progress and our knowledge can go together forward. For myself which choose distance learning far, I very fortunate because could further study although I was have worked with Malaysia Prison Department.(http://www.prison.gov.my/portal/page/portal/hijau)/(http://www.prison.gov.my/images/carta/penjara-penjara.htm#kluang) I hoped that knowledge that I find out this can provide idea and view that is constructive in improvement at my workplace.

     Out of campus study is a method where we can study in weekend and work in weekday.in my opinion, out campus learning mode of study are one method of study that not only can teach us about subject but also can teach us about managing our working life while study.out campus learning not about lerning but can teach us about manage the time, money n commitmen in life.

     There are alot of advantages by doing out campus learning. First of all, out campus learning helps in career development. It helps to get a good post after finish degree. Besides this, by doing out campus learning it will make a person to well expose to the paper work and presentation which may enabble the person towords career development.

     The other advantage of out campus studies is knowledge development. Out campus learning help to expose to a high level of knowledge which is past either by verble or printed matters, and this knowledge will help to broaden knowledge. Rather than this, multi tasking is one of the advantages doing out campus learning. It allow to handle more than one job at a time which are important allement to be a profesional.

     One of the advantages of distance learning is that the student can have access to learning at any time and any place. There are no restrictions imposed on their study time and location. Students can easily fit learning into their family and work life. They do not need to adjust their family and work commitments in order to attend fixed class schedules. Besides, it enables students to save on travel time and travel costs. They can spend more time and money on other areas. Some research studies have shown that distance learning education can be as effective as campus-based education. These research studies reported that distance students can perform as well as or better than campus-based students. Many students who have succeeded in distance learning education have reported that they have a positive experience with distance learning courses.

     One of the great things about distance study is that it gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to fit study around your life, rather than your life around study. You can do your study at whatever time you want and from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, depending on your time management, you could have a full-time job as you don’t have to physically attend classes. Time management a general rule of thumb is that for each subject you are enrolled in, you will need to spend at least 8-12 hours of independent study time each week. This time commitment will increase during assignment preparation and exam revision. As a student juggling work, study, family and social commitments, your time is limited and valuable. This is where a schedule or timetable can be useful. Take the time to plan and do it regularly, say once each week allow adequate periods of time for learning new material, understanding theories and concepts, or drafting an assignment use short periods (15 minutes) when beginning or ending a scheduled study session to review previous learning rise 15 minutes earlier and go to bed 15 minutes later each day reward yourself for achieving daily and/or weekly study goals timetable more challenging tasks for when you are most alert and able to concentrate study regularly - daily if possible set achievable study goals.

     Out of campus study also give a more advantanges than campus study such as, even after convocation for student of full time not necessarily they will got a job compare for out campus student that necessarily have occupation that is strong and having bright chance for promotion after finished studying in fields occupation that is same or to field others. full time students unable to get working experience and education that is together. by case that that student could not imagine, sense or apply both simultaneously.

     As for conclusion, Distance learning is gaining popularity among adults who are keen to upgrade themselves for better career opportunities. Distance learning provides an alternative for people to further their education without having to undergo the traditional classroom learning. Many people choose this learning mode of study because of the flexibility and freedom it provides. Some of them enroll in this type of learning courses because they are working full-time and could not afford to lose their jobs. They need their income for their own as well as their family's living expenses, and leaving their jobs would bring about financial problems. They have to find a way to fit learning into their schedule of family and job demands. Some people take up distance learning courses because they live far away from the school and attending classes is inconvenient. There are some people who are keen to do a certain course but feel shy about joining a class.

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